How To Play


How To Play -- Every time you enter a Bonus Code from the Bejeweled Money Multiplier Instant Game at this website, you receive three credits to play the Bejeweled Tournament. Each credit allows you to play one Bejeweled Tournament game. Your top ten (10) high scores will be tracked and displayed in the Your Best Scores box. The top ten (10) scores among everyone who plays the Bejeweled Tournament game will be tracked on a weekly basis and displayed in the leader board box. The leader board will be reset weekly each Sunday at 11:59PM. The top score from each week will be included in the Hall of Fame list and posted on this website here.

The Bejeweled Tournament is a limited level Bejeweled 3 game - you have three levels of play in each game to reach your high score. Invite your family and friends to compete against you - all you need is the unique Bonus Code from a Bejeweled Money Multiplier instant ticket.

Good Luck!